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Custom leaning posts Leaning posts Leaning posts in Cape Coral
Action's Custom Leaning Posts 

Action Welding's custom designed Leaning Posts are fabricated to meet our exacting standards. Each product is built to meet the customers needs and desires to assure their satisfaction!!

ACTION's Custom Fiberglass Shell Leaning Post with Built-in Storage Tray,
Removable Backrest, Rod Holders and Folding Footrest

ACTION's Custom Leaning Post with Rod Holders, Folding Footrest, and Removable
Backrest and Removable Dive Tank Storage

ACTION's Custom Lean Post with Folding Footrest, Fixed Backrest and Jumpseat

ACTION's Custom Fiberglass Shell Lean Post with fixed Backrest & Rod Holders
and short legs to fit on top of existing Bailwell.

ACTION's Custom Double-sided Swingback Leaning Post Storage Tray and dual Footrests

ACTION's Custom Fiberglass Shell Lean Post with built in Storage Tray, fixed Back Rest
with weld on Rod Holders, Cupholders and Folding Armrests

ACTION's Custom Pedistal Post Conversion with removable Backrest & Storage Tray

ACTION's Custom Swingback Cooler Helm Seat
Cooler can sit on deck or higher if desired!



  • 1 1/4" legs with Bright White, Gel White or Off White cushion
  • Each is custom fabricated from 36" to 44" wide to fit our 72 or 94 qt. Igloo® cooler or livewell


  • Fiberglass Shell Option (has area for rod holders) with Underseat Storage)
    (Bright White Pleated Seat Cushion only)
  • Folding Footrest
  • Folding Footrest with rubber insert (Add $40 for each extra step)
  • Rod Holders welded on backrest, flush in fiberglass shell or on legwork
  • Fixed or Removable Backrest with Cushion (Rod holders extra)
  • Removable Backrest with Folding Legs and Cushion (Rod holders extra)
  • Whale Tail Grab Bar (Wraps around sides of Cushion)
  • Aft Grab Bar (Not wrapped around sides)
  • Cup Holders in fiberglass model
  • Weld-On Cup Holders
  • Cooler Retaining Bar or Cooler Strap with Buckle
  • Swingback Backrest with Cushion & 2-sided Leaning Post Seat
  • Swingback Backrest with Cushion & one-sided Leaning Post Seat
  • Swingback Handrails beside seat cushion
  • Locking Pin option for Swingback Leaning Post
  • Storage Tray custom aluminum size built to your Plano® tackle trays!
  • Storage Tray ... plastic/fiberglass (under hinged seat)
  • Folding 'Jumpseat' at back of post, with Cushion
  • Removable Dive Tank Rack with folding tank "Clips" (4 clips and track)

** Discounts apply for multi option packages!

Email us for a Quote and a full list of Options.

Action's Neptune Leaning Posts are in stock & ready to ship! UPS able!
Best prices around and ships direct from the manufacturer!
(Click image below for larger view of brochure)

Neptune Deluxe Leaning Post

Neptune II Leaning Post

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Leaning Posts
      – Custom-built Pedestal Post Conversion
      – Custom-built Post with Dive Tank Holders
      – Custom-built Post with Fiberglass Shell and Storage
      – Custom-built Post with Storage Tray Under Seat
      – Custom-built Swing Back Lean Post
      – Neptune Deluxe Lean Post (Ships UPS)
      – Neptune II Leaning Post
(Ships UPS)
      – Other Custom-built Posts

For more information, pictures or pricing,
please e-mail your requests to: